10 Wills & Won'ts

I will...

1. Photograph you in a real and authentic way by discovering what is important to you.

2. Allow your session or event to unfold organically. I will unobtrusively tell your story but give you guidance when you need it. 

3. Walk you thru all your options. Help you plan your session, event or project from the consultation to delivering your products. You will know all your options so you can invest in the right type of photography for you. 

4. Make it fun! We will create an activity rather than a pose. This makes it easy to capture authentic portraits during a session. 

5. Take my time to get the best images possible. If your child is not cooperating or your event is not going according to plan I will take the extra time needed to get what is important to you.

6. Use my knowledge of lighting to create impactful images in any lighting situation. We can plan your session around your child’s nap time. If high noon is when your child is happiest and you want photographs of her on a swing outside, your images will still be amazing! 

7. Photograph you in a distinctive way, taking into consideration your uniqueness. 

8. Will guide you at every step of the photographic process. You will receive comprehensive information to make the right investment. 

9. I will utilize technology to improve your images but I don’t rely on technology to produce beautiful images. 

10. I will retouch your images all while keeping the integrity of your face. 

I won't...

1. Put you or your family in a situation, activity, or background that doesn’t fit your personality.

2. Try to take over, or interfere with the flow of your session or event.

3. Assume you know what to expect at any stage of your photographic experience.

4. Force your child to do something they don’t want to do. Forcing your child to smile or pose a certain way only results in an unhappy child who is less likely to cooperate with any photographer in the future.

5. Rush you… ever!

6. Only photograph the two times a day (early morning & an hour before sunset) when the lighting is ideal.

7. Photograph you in a cookie cutter way.

8. Stress you out or make any part of the photographic process complicated. Never leave you with digital files and no guidance as to what to do with them.

9. Over process your images. I might change an image to black & white or slightly enhance color but I will never make your images look fake or digitized.

10. Retouch your face so much that it doesn’t look like you. Excessive retouching is for Victoria Secret lingerie models…BTW no one looks like that not even the models!