FAQ Regarding Portraits

Will I receive help planning my session?
Yes you will receive a guide that thoroughly explains all the details to assist you in preparing yourself, your family, and your home or environment. Your guide includes what to tell your little ones to get them excited about your session to clothing recommendations.

How much time will I need to prepare before my session?
This depends on what session you choose. A mini session if photographed on location will require less time than an in-home lifestyle session which will require time to prepare the room(s) in your home that you’ll be photographed in.

What if I have to reschedule on short notice?
I understand that emergency happen and people can get ill. I try to leave a few days a month open to be able to reschedule your session.

Will I lose my session fee deposit?
No I won’t charge you for the first cancelation. However you will need to reschedule your session within 30 days or you will lose your deposit.

Do you have a shot list you use?
Yes you will fill out a questionnaire that will let me know what images are most important to capture.

What happens if my child has a melt down or continues to cry during the session?
All children melt down. I will prepare you ahead of time with tips and tools to get the whole family excited about your session to avoid an unhappy child. Children can feed off of others emotions so if you are feeling stressed your child will probably feel it too. I strive to create an environment where everyone can relax and be themselves so this typically doesn’t happen.

How many images do I receive?
You will receive around 30-50 images for mini sessions and 80-120 images for lifestyle sessions to view and choose from.

During my viewing session how do I know what images to choose?
Everyones needs and budgets are different. We will discuss before your session what products you are interested in and go over pricing. This way I can show you samples and offer advice that works for you and takes into consideration things like your wall space and the importance of family heirlooms.

What is the difference between having my images edited or having them retouched?
Editing includes taking out unnecessary images and choosing only your best images. You don’t want to go thru a ton of images to pick the best, this is time consuming and overwhelming for most. If necessary editing can include adjustments for color and exposure, cropping and preparing your images for print. Artistic effects like converting images to black & white can be added at this stage. All your images will be edited before your viewing.
Retouching includes brightening eyes, blemish and wrinkle removal, slimming waists, and arms. Most all products including your wall portraits, gift prints, and albums are retouched. Retouching is included in these prices.

Do you offer digital images?
Yes you can purchase your sessions edited images. If you spend a certain amount on products your retouched images are included.