I’ve been passionate about photography ever since my mom gave me a Canon AE-1 camera at the young age of 8. In high school I won several awards participating in local contests and was fortunate to have a teacher who said if I didn’t pursue photography it would be a waste of talent. Thanks to the support of the people around me, my love affair with photography continued into adulthood. I opened a portrait studio and for twelve years focused on a traditional style of photography.

Who knew that years later becoming a mother would alter both my world view and my photographic style? I became drawn to capturing the moment on a deeper level than what could be done in a studio. Documenting my son digging for earthworms in imperfect light is as meaningful to me as a staged perfectly lit portrait of him. Those types of images of my son playing and being in the moment in full expression of his being will always have the greatest impact on me. The connection to my child drives me to document his life, not only the big events but the in-between moments most of us take for granted. Motherhood has taught me to embrace the chaotic, beautiful, and unpredictable nature of life.

Freezing these moments of his life inspires me to use my talent and expertise to document your life, through portraits, events, or to help communicate your message for your business. My vision is to use photography as a tool to encompass the blending of the staged and spontaneous. Both styles communicate emotions and ideas which connect us to our humanity and reflect the truth of life. I believe organic storytelling along with preparation and planning work beautifully together to create meaningful imagery for you. -Alex